During the first 1.5 years the Company services were used by such prominent brands as:
  • Charity (regular donations to the world children fund and regional child welfare institutions)
  • Environment pollution control (document flow of the Company is performed on the electronic level at the
    maximum possible level for the Company with international activity)
  • Personal liabilities to investors (we understand that investments are inevitably connected with risks even at
    high profit markets, we do not let investors’ capital share exceed Company’s capital and limit it artificially by
    90%, which guarantees investors pay-out of the invested funds and dividends on request or schedule depending
    on the contract relationships)
  • Development of communicative and investment options through Internet
  • Financial support of labs and start-ups that specialize in nanotechnologies, energy saving technologies,
    technologies of safe production
  • Participation in the direct and gratuitous financing of child computer classes, courses and schools in
    18 countries of the world
  • There is a monthly giveaway of valuable prizes among our private investors
  • Our investors have already won 107 smartphones, 86 laptops, 58 tablets,
    22 premium-class cars, 3 households in Czech Republic, 1 villa in Turkey,
    1 flat in France, 1 penthouse in !!! Las Vegas!!!
One can find detailed reports in the Giveaway reports section.        
Ask for client and partners loyalty program if you want to use our consulting
services or you have business offer that goes beyond the ones specified at the web-site.